How To Get Anything You Want

By Pia Silva Forbes contributor and Author of "Badass Your Brand"

Want to Hit the Ground Sprinting this year?

Finally set goals that mean something and then make them happen... the BADASS WAY. 

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What people are saying...

Set yourself up for goal setting-success the BADASS way! Learn the process we developed and use at my creative agency Worstofall Design to achieve BIG THINGS!  

This Goals Program is the process Pia and Steve currently use and developed over 10 years. It is responsible for...  

- Raising the price of our service from $3k/day to $10k/day in 1 year (and now for $20k/day) - Creating and selling a passive income product in 1 year - Building an art career that sells thousands of dollars of original art each month - Writing, self-publishing and achieving 100+ Amazon reviews for Badass Your Brand in 9 months - Taking 2 months in Europe without losing any money  

"We wouldn't be able to accomplish even half of the things we do each year, while working just 20-hour-weeks, if it were it not for our goal-setting and accountability process." - Pia & Steve  

The struggle is real...

There's too much to do, the overwhelm is paralyzing

  • Running your business is a full time job!
  • How am I supposed to find time to market?
  • Bringing in sales is the most important thing!
  • How will I feel when I realize I don't have time to spend with my partner and family?
  • I know where I want to go but I don't know how to get there!
  • Success feels too far away, so in the meantime I am going to cruise Facebook...

The harsh truth... 

You may be wasting more time than you realize if you don't have a specific process for setting goals and keeping them...

  • You might be grinding away at goals you set years ago... goals you haven't revisited since
  • You might be pushing to achieve goals without knowing why you really want them... which makes them almost impossible to accomplish
  • You might have HUGE goals but no clear road to get from HERE to THERE... and make sure you ACTUALLY do it
  • Your daily to-dos each day may be preventing you from getting anywhere on your big goals because of "do it later" mentality
  • You might not have a process each day that guarantees you're moving toward your goals stress-free



At the end of the Goal Setting Like A Badass you will:  

Be super clear and connected with what you want and why you want it, not just in business, but in life.

What's the point of all this anyway?! If your goals don't address every aspect of your life you're never going to be satisfied because you'll always be sacrificing. Stop sacrificing your life for your success and PLAN IT IN.  

Know exactly what you need to do tomorrow and that it is getting you one step closer toward your ultimate goals. 

Stop being overwhelmed by the big picture. Instead, get excited by all you have to look forward to while having a clear, manageable way to take it on every single day without stress or worry. 

You’ll have a clear plan of action and way to stay accountable every single week (for the entire next year!) to make it a reality.

Get out of the rut of constantly remembering that you need to do "something" toward your bigger goals each week. When you have a process you're committed to, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you wake up one day and realize how far you've come simply because you stayed with the process.

Sleep better at night knowing you've got a real plan of action to get your goals & headed in the right direction.

Once you do this work, your opportunities immediately increase. NOW you have a framework for choosing where to put your marketing efforts, or how and where you should spend your money. This will make you somebody in your space. This opens doors and creates opportunities. People will want the authority you’ll present.  

"I could not have accomplishd half of what I've done in the last few years without this process. But more importantly, these past few years have been less-stressful and more fulfilling than previous years in my life when I was getting less done and working way harder because I wasn't clear on my goals and how to get them.." - Pia Silva 

The BADASS Goal-Setting Course

- With Pia Silva  

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